Hello MICE Peeps!

It’s that time of the year again! After another 365 days of hard labor, networking and eventing, you can drop everything for one night without feeling bad or sad about it and go celebrating at the #miceparty19!

It’s a sure thing! After some delay due to finding the right venue, #miceparty19 is coming up soon and naturally you are invited! 

On 7 MAY 2019 we want you to dress up with a touch of legend, as this edition’s theme will be ‘The Legendary Edition’! Why? Because you folks working in the MICE industry are true legends!

But also … we will host the #miceparty19 in a pop-up venue which has already become legendary! The Studio 100 Pop-Up Theatre in Bornem, erected for the musical ‘40-45’, on its way to become a legend as well in musical-land! 

Special feature again will be the closing of our #micellorca19 fundraiser to battle cancer. Don’t forget, you can still donate until the #miceparty19 kick-off. Please do because we want to contribute and help tackling this SOB disease! MICE POWER!

Don’t be square and be there … and don’t forget to donate some euros to battle cancer at the same time!

See you soon in a legendary fashion!

Erik Wood & Olivier Wauters,
Men of M.I.C.E.

PS: Doors open at 18:45.

Team #micellorca19 - © SayCheese

Team #micellorca19 - © SayCheese

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